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All Presented in a Gift box, complete with Ribbon and Card:

Single Variety Co. - Lemon Drop Chilli Jam Super Hot (225g)

Hawkshead Relish Company - Cheeky Chilli Salsa (195g)

White Mausu - Smoky Chilli Oil (240g)

Firelli -  Truffle Hot Sauce (155g) 

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. - Dill Pickle Serrano (177ml) 

Delifonseca - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Dorset Naga Chilli (250g) 

Bread Tree - Explosive Italian Chilli Sauce (90g) 

Cocoa Loco - Dark Chilli Chocolates (100g) 

Montezuma*s - Hot Pickle Chilli & Lime Milk Chocolate (90g) 

Sovoursmith's - Bubbly & Serrano Chilli Potato Crisps (150g) 

**Delifonseca reserve the right to substitute items with similar products. We will contact you if there are any significant changes**

All weights listed are Net weights

SUPPLYING EVERYTHING YOU NEED from essentials to treats