Gourmet French Hamper


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All Presented in a Gift box, complete with Ribbon and Card:

Boutinot - Les Coteaux Côtes du Rhône Villages (750ml 14%vol)

Secret d'Eleveurs - Duck Terrine with Sauternes (180g)

Crustcana Cuisiné en France - Lobster Pâté (100g)

La Belle Chaurienne -  Pork Cassoulet (840g) 

La Tourangelle - Roasted Walnut Oil (250ml) 

Les Merveilles en Province - Organic Mirabelle from Lorraine (370g) 

Maison Familiale - Pure Butter Thin Biscuits with Salted Caramel (280g) 

Brets - Tartiflette (125g) 

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All weights listed are Net weights

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